“George was one of the great human beings that’s ever walked the earth.”

-Ken Burns


George Plimpton

Along with:

Sarah Dudley Plimpton
George’s Widow

Terry McDonell
Editor: Sports Illustrated Media Group, Head of the board of The Paris Review

Ken Burns
Documentary Film Director

Hugh Hefner
Founder of Playboy Magazine

Robert Kennedy Jr
Son of Senator Robert Kennedy, lawyer, teacher and environmental activist

James Lipton
TV host, Inside the Actor’s Studio

Gay Talese
Writer and journalist

James Salter

Jay McInerney

Timothy Seldes
George’s literary agent (Russell & Volkening) and childhood friend

Peter Matthiessen
Childhood friend of George, co-founder of The Paris Review, writer

Robert Silvers
Former editor of The Paris Review, founder and editor of The New York Review of Books

Medora Plimpton
George’s daughter

Taylor Plimpton
George’s son, writer, editor

Freddy Plimpton
George’s first wife

Oakes Plimpton
George’s brother

Sarah Gay Plimpton
George’s sister

Lewis Lapham
Former Harper’s editor (current Editor at large), Founder and editor of Lapham’s Quarterly

Philip Gourevitch
Edited The Paris Review 2005-2010, staff writer for The New Yorker

Graydon Carter
Editor of Vanity Fair

Walon Green
Academy Award winning film director/ screenwriter/ TV producer

Mel Stuart
Film director/ TV producer

Writer/Director/Producer Tom Bean has worked in many capacities on documentary and feature films alike. He co-produced and wrote a feature length documentary about the Iranian hostage crisis, featuring Jimmy Carter and Walter Cronkite.

Writer/Director/Producer Luke Poling has worked on many productions, including The Departed, and The Fog of War. He was a writer/director for the omnibus film Twelve, which played to film festivals across the country. He also worked as a staff writer and director on the award-winning podcast Hello Simon.

Producer Terry McDonell is currently the editor of the Sports Illustrated Group, and has previously edited Esquire and Rolling Stone magazines. He was a close friend of George.

Producer Adam Roffman has served as the Program Director of the Independent Film Festival of Boston, New England’s largest film festival, since its inception in 2003. He has produced the features Woodpecker, Trust Us, This is All Made Up, Phillip the Fossil, and the forthcoming Rubberneck.

Producer/Supervising Editor Fernando Villena has edited both award-winning documentaries and feature films including RIZE, Bella, Every Little Step, Jonah Hex, and Crank 2.

Executive Producer Kris Meyer has been a producer on Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s last six movies, including Me, Myself and Irene, Stuck on You, and Fever Pitch. He also produced The Lost Son of Havana, a documentary about Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant that appeared on ESPN and was nominated for an Emmy.

Executive Producer Dennis Joyce is an Angel Investor and Real Estate Developer. He is the president of Joyce Development and co-founder of Joyce Entertainment along with Jerry Barca.

Executive Producer Antonio Weiss is head of investment banking at Lazard and Publisher of The Paris Review, where he got his start in the 1980s as George Plimpton’s assistant.

Executive Producer Phyllis Alexander is a vice president at Alex.Keating Productions, dedicated to producing entertaining and informative projects for
television. She also producing Sadhvi’s Lullaby, which is currently in
pre-production and will be shot in Nepal.

Executive Producer Bill Deacon is the Founder/CEO of Muze Clothing, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the appreciation of classic movie quotes.  Bill founded Muze to provide an identity for those who quote movies, a community in which countless A-list celebrities reside.  Since launch, major celebrities including actors, musicians, and professional athletes have enthusiastically adopted the brand as a unique and powerful vehicle with which to express themselves.

Executive Producer Toby Barlow is the Chief Creative Officer of Team Detroit, author of the novel Sharp Teeth, and creator of The Plimpton Project, an effort to get a statue of George Plimpton erected in New York City.

Associate Producer Jerry Barca is a writer and award-winning journalist. He, along with Dennis Joyce, is a co-founder of Joyce Entertainment.

Editor Maya Hawke has worked on many of Werner Herzog’s films, including Grizzly Man and the upcoming Caves of Forgotten Dreams. She has also edited documentaries by Oliver Stone and Penelope Spheeris, and worked on numerous commercials, including Errol Morris’s commercials for the Apple iPhone.

Editor Casey Brooks has worked for years with filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman, where he collaborated as an editor on several film projects including, Wisdom, and Music. He also was on the editorial staff of Still Bill, a documentary about musician Bill Withers, which played at South by Southwest and SilverDocs festivals.

Composer Mark De Gli Antoni was a member of the band Soul Coughing and is currently touring and recording with David Byrne. He composed the music for Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, as well as many other narrative and documentary films.

Visual Effects Brian McGee has worked on numerous commercials, television shows and films, including ad campaigns by Verizon and Visa, HBO’s The Pacific, and Terminator: Salvation.