New York Times- (Critic’s Pick) “A skilled portrait of a literary light.”

Entertainment Weekly- “A remarkable doc about a life well lived. Grade: A”

IndieWire- “Smartly constructed, using copious archival interviews to allow Plimpton to largely tell his own story, Bean and Poling’s documentary is a brilliant example of creative biographical filmmaking.”

LA Times- “Much of the film’s appeal is in its understated, yet tightly disciplined, style.”

Variety- “It’s all here, strung together with pep and insight by helmers Tom Bean and Luke Poling.”

The Hollywood Reporter- “A delightful ride through a singular literary career.”

Newsday- “A hell of a lot of fun.”

Rotten Tomatoes- #37 on “Top 100 Movies of 2013″

NPR- “If Plimpton’s chosen genre didn’t permit greatness, Bean and Poling make the case that the totality of his unique career and legacy certainly did.”

The Village Voice- “Crammed with lit-world walk-ons and delicious anecdotes.”

Washington City Paper- “This fascinating, spirited documentary explores the work of a man who was many things.”

The New Yorker- “Filmmakers Tom Bean and Luke Poling chronicle the extraordinary man and his extraordinary life.”

Sports Illustrated (Peter King)- “Strongly recommend this Plimpton documentary.”

Sports on Earth (Michael Weinreb)- There will almost certainly never be another George Plimpton.”

SF Gate- “(A) well-researched and detailed documentary.”

Time Out New York- “That exclamation point is earned… a layered look at a man who was a jack of all trades, but a master of one: being George”

Boston Globe- “Who knew that he had such a talent for an equally rarefied occupation: movie star? ***”

DCist- “There’s a reason that directors Tom Bean and Luke Poling wait till the film’s closing frames to defend their subject’s prose. It’s worth the wait.”

The Wall Street Journal- “An archival feast for fans of Manhattan’s literary heyday, Tom Bean and Luke Poling’s artful assemblage of TV footage, audio interviews and present-day remembrances revels in the wit and charm of its subject.”

San Francisco Examiner- “”Plimpton!” is a charming portrait of the dashing man who dubbed himself the “universal amateur.”

San Francisco Chronicle- “It’s a life worth remembering.”

TV Guide- “Archival footage from the specials is among the gems directors Tom Bean and Luke Poling unearthed for their film.”

Detroit Free Press- “Its 83 minutes are as fast-paced as the five plays he brutalized in the scrimmage at the heart of the (Paper Lion) book.”

Snap Judgements- “I say, run out and see “Plimpton!” right now. It’s one of the best documentaries of the year.”

PaPa Reviews- “A documentary that extols the virtues of actually living life, not just observing it.”

Lonely Reviewer- “Documentarians Tom Bean and Luke Poling do not simply retell the many spectacles of Plimpton’s life, but plumb the depths of who he was as a person.

Modern Luxury Manhattan (Written by Taylor Plimpton)- “Often funny, sometimes heartbreaking and always surprising, the film (like the man it honors) is a joyous and inspiring reminder of what an adventure life can be.”

SF Weekly- “As Tom Bean and Luke Poling’s posthumous documentary reminds us, the only thing better than seeing Plimpton step in as the amusingly unqualified Detroit Lions quarterback or Boston Bruins goalie or what-have-you was later reading his literary findings on the matter.”

NY Daily News- “Much like its subject, Tom Bean and Luke Poling’s appreciative biography of the late George Plimpton manages to be simultaneously urbane and enthusiastic.”

Washington Post (Editor’s Pick)- “Plenty of fodder for an entertaining and enlightening 90 minutes.”

Film Journal International- “A real treat—it’s genuinely entertaining.”

Georgetowner-  “Plimpton! is a loving, eyes-wide-open documentary on the man’s life, with numerous interviews with the people who
knew him best.”

Washingtonian-“Plimpton, the subject of Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself, lived with a joie de vivre friends and colleagues found infectious—and which directors Tom Bean and Luke Poling accurately capture in this fun-filled romp through the high points of Plimpton’s fabled career.”

Jackson Sun- “An exhilarating tribute.”

Urban Tulsa Weekly-Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself is so oddly delightful, too. I never would have guessed this guy hung out with Hugh Hefner. Or that he’d done a sliver of the many things that George Plimpton made a name for himself trying — and generally failing at.”

Movie Habit- “The documentary is, thus, not only a look at a writer’s life, but at the world he inhabited. As such, Plimpton! makes for an entertaining 89 minutes.”

Brightest Young Things- “This documentary, brimming with life and good humor, will appeal to everyone precisely because Plimpton is too bizarre to be made up.”

NPR’s Monkey See Blog- Plimpton! is really just interested in … Plimpton, and in his weird, remarkable life. It’s clear that while he got to do a lot of different things, Plimpton also made a lot of sacrifices, and punches are not pulled in explaining that life wasn’t always easy for the family of a man whose ideal social environment was probably cocktail chatter. But at the same time, it’s very warm to him and shows him doing all manner of interesting things.”

The Siskiyou- “The final act plays like one of the most heartfelt eulogies that I’ve seen in film, punctuated by an emotional reading of one of Plimpton’s essays by his son, Taylor.”

The Austin Chronicle- “A front-row seat to the marvelous, fifty-year-long piece of performance art that was Plimpton’s public persona.”

Gig City- For those who know George Plimpton only as the plumy-voiced, New England accented socialite who appears in TV commercials, Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself will be a revelation.

PopMatters- “It’s a smart, suitably elusive estimation, reading the “personality itself” as a thing apart, a performance that remains separate from Plimpton, who continues to star “as himself,” in the documentary and also, in whatever life you might imagine he had.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer- “Plimpton!” documents the exploits without exploiting the man. A-” ““Plimpton!” is a treat.”

New York Observer “If ever someone’s life were worth a feature-length treatment, it’s beloved Paris Review co-founder, peripatetic amateur athlete and former New York City fireworks commissioner George Plimpton.”

Los Angeles Review of Books- “It’s an intriguing and emblematic story.”

Arkansas Times- “The charm of the film is the charm of its star.”



Vanity Fair- “Curious George”

LA Times- “‘Plimpton!’ Documentary Looks at George Plimpton’s Lives”

NPR- “Documentary Shows George Plimpton’s Best Story Was His Own”

Filmmaker Magazine- “Documenting the Life of George Plimpton” (Part 1) (Part 2)

On the Media- Co-director Luke Poling talks with Bob Garfield about the film.

The Boston Globe- George Plimpton: The Ultimate Amateur

WBUR (Boston NPR affiliate)- George Plimpton Doc Reveals The Prankster/Writer’s Local Connections

Detroit Free Press- “Film Celebrates “Paper Lion” Author George Plimpton

The Planet Mikey Show (WEEI)- Directors Tom Bean & Luke Poling are interviewed.

The Craig Shoemaker Podcast– Interview with Tom Bean & Luke Poling starts around 35:00 in on the June 5th episode.

Broadside (NECN)- Interview with Tom Bean & Luke Poling.

The Craig Fahle Show (WDET)- Interview with Luke Poling. “Laemmle/Zeller Picks Up ‘Plimpton!'”

Los Angeles Times-“A pair of filmmakers has put George Plimpton’s life front and center with their feature documentary Plimpton!